“Enrolling in Dominion Herbal College in 1972 changed my life. As a consequence, I have been a successful practicing medical herbalist, herb teacher, herb grower and wildcrafter. I am forever grateful.”

Dr. Ryan Drum, PhD, MH, AHG  

“My herbal education from Dominion Herbal College was outstanding. I could have never written my book ‘Herb Bible’ without it.”

Dr. Earl Mindell, PhD, MH  
Author of the “Vitamin Bible” and “Herb Bible”

“Dominion Herbal College has provided an exemplary herbal education to thousands of people for over 80 years. Today, with herbal medicine ever more popular worldwide, Dominion continues to be one of the pre-eminent herbal schools to train and support people for self care and for professional careers in herbal medicine. I have been honored to be affiliated with Dominion since 1990 and am constantly impressed by the dedication and commitment to herbal medicine that is shown by all who participate – students, instructors, alumni, and support staff alike. It is truly a place of higher learning.”

Chanchal Cabrera, MSc, FNIMH, AHG  

“Dominion Herbal College pioneered herbal training in North America and continues to lead in herbal education both at the foundation level and at the practitioner’s level. Herbal medicine is my joy and my life. As a past student, I am very grateful for Dominion’s high standards and dedication to creating courses which encouraged me to become confident as a practitioner of herbal medicine and to be able to make my living surrounded by herbs.”

Celina Ainsworth, CHT, MH

“I am so pleased and grateful to receive my Clinical Herbal Therapist Diploma. It was an amazing opportunity and such an honor to work with the best! I will forever be thankful to the staff and instructors at Dominion Herbal College!”

Kelly Wigemyr, CHT, 2019 Graduate

“As a woman working within a family business, I was drawn to this family’s business and its deep history of producing the most accomplished herbalists in North America. It was much more than I expected… It gave me strength, knowledge and a drive that I thought was long gone. My Dominion Herbal College education greatly assists me in meeting the needs of Hempco® customers.”

Angela Holmes, HC
Herbal Consultant & COO of Hempco®

“Dominion Herbal College prepared me to become a Clinical Herbal Therapist. After graduation, their program left me feeling well informed and capable of starting my own practice. Their clinical training is exemplary and their instructors are thorough, informative, and masterful at their skills. There is not a day that goes by where I don’t use my training and knowledge to help others. Thank you, DHC!”

Petra Sovcov, CHT, 2017 Graduate

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Herbal Consulting Diploma Program and have a great deal of respect for the balanced and ethical approach that Dominion Herbal College has to herbal medicine; they have combined traditional/holistic herbal medicine and modern science so as to get the most out of both worlds. This program exceeded my expectations and I would definitely recommend it to whomever is considering taking their herbal studies to a professional level.”

Sarah Hoffe, HC, 2019 Graduate


Dominion Herbal College won two consecutive National Nutrition “Best School” awards (silver and gold) 2018 and 2019.

Dominion Herbal College Award