An older man showing students about plants

Chartered Herbalist

ONLINE. The Chartered Herbalist Diploma Program provides the student with the fundamental qualifications of a Herbalist and is a great way to learn about herbs, take better care of your family’s health, complement your current profession, enhance job opportunities or begin a career in Herbal Medicine.

Master Herbalist

ONLINE. This 1-year diploma program includes research and a thesis on an aspect of Herbal Medicine of interest to the student and approved by DHC. Master Herbalist Graduates often have their thesis published or utilize this specialized knowledge as freelance writers, lecturers, and instructors.

Caucasian senior pharmacist assisting mixed race female patient purchasing medication from the drugstore pharmacy.

Herbal Consulting

ONLINE. This 1-year diploma program is designed for individuals employed, self-employed or seeking employment in the Herbal or Health industries. Students learn to assess & formulate herbal products, learn about the efficacy & safe use of herbs, produce & market herbs for industry, and consult with customers.

Woman Doctor prescribes medicine to young patient to treating his disease

Clinical Herbal Therapy

This 4-year clinical program provides a comprehensive system of training which includes a study of the principles and philosophy of Clinical Herbal Therapy and completion of 510 supervised clinical training hours in-person at DHC Approved Clinics and online with DHC clinic supervisors.

Prerequisite Chemistry

An introduction to the basic principles of chemistry. This short-duration course serves as an equivalent to high school chemistry and is intended for students who require it as a prerequisite for the Herbal Consulting or Clinical Herbal Therapy Diploma Programs.