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Katolen Yardley

Maryann Abbs, BSc, CHT, RHT

Maryann Abbs is a Clinical Herbalist (RHT), wildcrafter, and community educator. Maryann graduated from the Clinical Herbal Therapy Diploma Program at Dominion Herbal College in 2008 and she currently works as a Clinical Herbalist at the Compassion Roots Wellness Centre formerly known as the BC Compassion Club Wellness Centre.

Maryann has a BSc in Biological Sciences (1987) from the University of British Columbia and a post-graduate diploma in Community Economic Development (2000) from Simon Fraser University. As well, she has over 15 years experience as an adult educator and has worked for colleges, labour unions, and community organizations.

Katolen Yardley

Katolen Yardley, CHT, MNIMH, RHT, RH (AHG)

Katolen Yardley is a Medical Herbalist and a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists. She is a Dominion Herbal College graduate of the Clinical Herbal Therapy Diploma Program and has a private practice in Vancouver and Port Moody, BC. Katolen is the owner of Alchemy & Elixir Health Group – a wellness centre in Vancouver.

She specializes in women’s health issues, skin disease, digestive and nervous system disorders and believes in providing usable tools for healing through inspiration and education. Katolen has taught at local colleges, presented at global conferences, has appeared in print in numerous industry journals and is a Director of the Canadian Herbalist Association of BC. Since 1998, Katolen appears monthly on Global TV’s Morning News where she offers herbal information to the public.

Katolen Yardley

Julieta Criollo, DNM, CHT, RHT

Julieta graduated from Dominion Herbal College as a Clinical Herbal Therapist, and is a board certified Doctor of Natural Medicine. Julieta has been practicing holistic natural medicine since 2001 and has served on the Canadian Herbal Association of BC board of directors. Julieta is the instructor for Botany & Herbarium, Materia Medica I, Materia Medica II and Pharmacy in the Herbal Consulting and Clinical Herbal Therapy Diploma Programs.

Julieta’s skills and training include Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling, German New Medicine, Salvestrols Therapy, Bach Flower Essences, various forms of Energy Healing (such as Reiki, Healing Touch, Touch for Health, etc.), Reflexology, Visualization, and Meditation.

Katolen Yardley

Carol Barber, CHT, MH

Carol Barber graduated from Dominion Herbal College as a Master Herbalist and Clinical Herbal Therapist. She has been an instructor for Dominion Herbal College since 1989. Carol is currently an instructor for the Chartered Herbalist Diploma Program.

Carol is the founder and formulator of Life Root Healing skincare products. Life Root Healing is a line of handmade, organic herbal natural skincare products which are sold to natural health food stores, spas, cosmeticians and health care practitioners. As well, Carol custom formulates and manufactures for the private label market.

Katolen Yardley

Meredith Burney, CHT

Meredith Burney, a Dominion Herbal College graduate, is a Clinical Herbalist and Bach Flower Practitioner with nine years experience working in a clinic which focuses on treating clients with chronic or terminal disease. Meredith uses a wide range of bioregional, fresh herbal tinctures, essential oils, nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes to help her clients.

Two years ago, Meredith decided to incorporate her practice of herbalism into the birthing process. She is now a labour-support doula and hypnobirthing instructor. Meredith’s knowledge of natural therapies in a vast array of health topics lends itself well as a Dominion Herbal College instructor of Nutrition, Geriatrics, Gynecology/Obstetrics/Pediatrics, Medical Laboratory Science and Psychiatry in the Clinical Herbal Therapy Diploma Programs.

Katolen Yardley

Elizabeth Walker, CHT, RH

Elizabeth Walker is a Dominion Herbal College graduate of the Clinical Herbal Therapy Diploma Program. She is the owner of The Herbwalker’s Apothecary in Edmonton, AB. Elizabeth is a registered professional member of the Ontario Herbalists Association (OHA) and an Associate Member of the Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association (VBMA).

Elizabeth provides consulting and herbal apothecary services for individuals, animals, practitioners and home herbalists.


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Dr. Judy Nelson, DC, ND, MH

Vice President | Herbal Studies
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