Dr. Judy Nelson, DC, ND, MH

Dr. Judy NelsonVICE PRESIDENT HERBAL STUDIES  Dr. Judy Nelson has a long and distinguished history in the field of complimentary health services, particularly in the area of Herbal Medicine. She began as a clinical assistant in Ella Birzneck’s holistic health practice before attending Western States College of Chiropractic and Naturopathy in Portland, Oregon where she attained degrees in both Chiropractic and Naturopathy. Dr. Nelson practiced in Vancouver, British Columbia and while raising her family opened a health food and natural products store.

Dr. Nelson became active in both the Canadian Health Food Association and the Canadian Herbalists Association of British Columbia. After the passing of her mother, Ella Birzneck, RMT, MH, EP, Dr. Nelson became the President of Dominion Herbal College and continued to actively promote health service alternatives, especially in the area of education. In 1989, after long recognizing the need for advanced-level herbal studies in North America, she enlisted the aid of Chanchal Cabrera, MSc, MNIMH, AHG, a graduate of the School of Phytotherapy in England, to structure the first advanced clinical programs of Herbal Medicine available in North America. A three-year classroom and a four-year distance learning program at the clinical level were developed and implemented.

Dr. Nelson has been invited to speak on various aspects of Herbal Education at many herbal seminars and meetings including events and symposiums in Canada. USA and Australia. She has been a frequent guest on radio and television programs and has contributed articles on health, nutrition and beauty to local newspapers. Dr. Nelson also promoted nutritional awareness in the community by working with Public Health Nutritionists to provide a better understanding of the necessity of whole foods for school children. She worked closely with the Health Action Network Society during public debates over health food and herbal legislation. In 2001, she was recognized by the Canadian Health Food Association for being the first woman elected to the “CHFA Hall of Fame” which recognizes significant contributions to the advancement of complimentary medicine and the health food and products field.

In 2005, Dr. Nelson assumed the position of Vice President Herbal Studies and Lorraine Birzneck kept the family tradition alive by becoming the President of Dominion Herbal College. Dr. Nelson continues to play an active role in the College due to her continuing passionate interest in Herbal Education.

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