Evelyn Coggins, MHSc, CHT, RH

Evelyn Coggins, MHSc, CHT, RHEvelyn Coggins, a Dominion Herbal College graduate, is a Registered Herbal Practitioner and is in private practice in Pemberton, British Columbia. The focus of her practice is to improve the quality of life in each of its stages, to view illness as an opportunity for self-discovery and to emphasize self-care and client education. Evelyn is the instructor of Dermatology in the Clinical Herbal Therapy Diploma Programs.

Evelyn conducts horseback herb walks into the Birkenhead backcountry for people of all age and experience levels. She supports the local humane society and presents workshops on the use of herbs to prevent and treat disease in companion animals. She is passionate about the health of the planet and participates annually in the Pemberton Slow Food Cycle by hosting herb walks on Helmers’ Organic Farm.

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